Labour leasing

You can apply to work for us and we offer labour force.

Labour leasing is a process of recruiting a labour force. It is a flexible, cost-effective and low-risk.

Nykked Construction labour leasing service is suitable for a company that needs to find labour resources in a flexible and cost-effective way. The cost is calculated on the basis of the hours worked by the employees and there are no hidden costs - as a result, there are no major risks. If the employee does not seem to be suitable for a client in any way, then the situation is easy and quick to solve. The previous employee needs to be replaced with a more suitable one. Our work process requires that we look for employees according to the needs of the client. Because of this, we select a suitable candidate very specifically. In case of a layoff, we will do our very best to find new recruitment jobs for redundant workers. Before sending a temporary worker to work, we will consult with the client beforehand on all necessary points.

Why choose Nykked Construction as a recruiting service?

We have a simple, fast and flexible way of recruiting.
Our recruitment process is thorough and well thought out.
We organize several competitions at different times.
We can offer several candidates for one post.
We will provide you with a worker with specific skills. Exactly the one you need.
If we do not have a suitable worker right away, we will find one within 30 days.

We search and find workers

Our first goal is to find workers who are motivated to work in their field. Then we interview them and look at their background. This is the reason why we know all the employees in the database - both their attitudes and the strengths. So we can introduce the employee to the client and, with the consent of the latter, prepare a contract. If the customer wants a worker for a fixed term, then that is what we will do. If necessary, we can change the contract later for an indefinite period. This is a good way to test an employee.

Public competitions

We can organize a public competition in a variety of situations. In this case, we will discuss the personality and other characteristics that the customer is interested in. According to the above, we will also create a competition. We organize the entire process from beginning to end. Thus, the customer does not have to spend their precious time on various conversations, reviews, and interviews. After the initial selection, we present the most suitable candidates to the client.

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